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This document is made to guide you through scanning text into a PDF document using Adobe Acrobat Standard 6 and the CanonScan 8800F. This how-to does NOT cover Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
For best results, scanning black and white text on a white or near white unbound single-sided document works best. Also, lift the scanner lid and check that the glass is clean (if not, check with SSCL Staff for cleaning supplies). We highly suggest starting this process on a freshly restarted computer.

  1. If it is not already powered-on, press the POWER (left-most) button on the CanoScan 8800F and give it enough time to initialize.
  2. Place the document you wish to scan face-down on the scanner glass making sure the document is properly oriented (see the markings on the scanner bed).
  3. Start Adobe Acrobat Standard 6 (beware NOT to start Acrobat Reader instead) by double-clicking the icon on the Desktop or choosing it from the Windows START menu.acrobat_standard_icon
  4. Click on FILE->CREATE PDF->FROM SCANNER acrobat_standard_from_scann
  5. A window should come up; be sure to set it so the settings match this image:acrobat_standard_scanner_se(note the slider set to HIGHER QUALITY).
  6. Press the SCAN button; a window labeled SCANGEAR should open.
  7. In the SCANGEAR window, click on the ADVANCED MODE tab. If a window comes up that says it will reset settings to default, click on
  8. In the ADVANCED MODE tab window, check to make sure the COLOR MODE is set to GRAYSCALE. Also, make sure OUTPUT RESOLUTION is set to 300dpi:
  9. Click the PREVIEW button. A quick preview scan will commence and you should see your document appear in the SCANGEAR window, you can drag-and-drop the selection border around your content. This helps keep the filesize smaller and reduces scanning time. The red arrows point to the selection box. You can click on the PREVIEW button as many times as needed to ensure your content is aligned properly:
  10. Once the document you wish to scan appears properly in the PREVIEW window, and you have double-checked that your COLOR MODE and OUTPUT RESOLUTION is set properly, click the SCAN button: