Primary Continuing Goals

  • 20090602_sscl_22Operate instructional facilities and consultative services for both classroom and drop-in use that support the major campus desktop environments in academic computing — i.e., Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.
  • Based on (funded) requests from University departments, provide specialized research services for data collection and data management, based on CSM software for questionnaire-related applications.
  • Based on continuing funding from an international consortium of research organizations within the public and private sectors, continue to enhance and extend the CSM Program’s software for the collection and processing of survey-type data.
  • At the request of the Survey Research Center, operate multiuser UNIX-based servers and associated software to provide on-line access to large-scale collections of quantitative or structured data.

Secondary or Supporting Objectives

  • Maintain programming expertise in the development of applications software (written in C, C++ and Java) for academic computing environments on the Berkeley campus.  Place continued emphasis on the user interface to such applications


In general, the Laboratory defines its long-term goals in terms of detailed agreements with departments having social scientists who need access to computer-based data or to instructional facilities.  Such agreements define the division of labor and resources that are required to provide the computer-related facilities departments need.  Included in agreements are computing activities that are administered within the department (if any), as well as services from SSCL and other IST departments.